DVD Jewel Case Dimensions

Traditional jewel cases have withstood the test of time and can still be purchased for DVD-Video titles. They have a solid design that effectively protects the disc from scratches, dirt and exposure.

RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker offers a variety of templates meeting standard case dimensions. You can also use the template editor to create a custom cover for your discs.

1. Width x Height x Thickness

Despite their relatively small size, dvd jewel cases are durable and reliable. They are an ideal option for a CD/DVD album or a movie compilation and offer plenty of space for the cover artwork. They also provide proper protection against scratches, exposure and dust.

Unlike PVC wallets, jewel cases are much more resistant to physical damage. They are usually made from a softer, more resilient plastic composite that makes them suitable for a larger volume of shipping and handling. In addition, they have a recessed label slot that is designed to accommodate multiple page booklets.

RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker offers a wide range of templates for standard jewel case dimensions. These templates are available in black or transparent versions and can be easily adjusted to match your preferences. In addition, they can be printed on a paper cover that perfectly fits a clam shell or super-jewel case. The latter is an alternative to the traditional jewel case and is a slimmer version of the Amaray case.

2. Thickness x Width x Height

A jewel case is the traditional DVD and CD case. It’s a very durable and reliable case that protects the discs against scratches, exposure, dirt and more. It also provides plenty of visibility and avenues for additional printed material.

There are other types of cases you can use as well. For instance, a snap case is made of thick cardboard with specific plastic disk holders. This type of DVD and Blu-ray case is not as popular as the regular ones. Currently, only Warner Brothers and New Line Cinema release their productions in this kind of packaging.

Another option is a digipack which is a modern take on the classic jewel case. It features a much softer composite compared to regular jewel case plastics. It’s also less prone to cracks and offers more space for additional printed materials like a booklet. It is however voluminous and takes up more shelf space. RonyaSoft provides cover templates for all these cases.

3. Thickness x Width x Height

The traditional jewel case is the most common type of DVD or CD packaging. It protects the disc from scratches and provides plenty of space for additional printed material. The downside is that it is relatively brittle and can break easily, particularly when dropped.

A keep case is similar to a jewel case but the plastic materials are softer and less rigid, making it more resistant to knocks. It is also a more voluminous case than a jewel case and can take up more shelf space.

A digipack is a cardboard case that can be custom printed with any design you wish and can hold one or multiple discs. It usually has a horizontal slot pocket on the inside left panel to hold a booklet which can be used for additional information such as a film synopsis for a DVD or Blu-ray release or artist and band info for a music CD. The slots can be shaped as oblong (thumb cut) or long curves or a combination of both (crescent cut). RonyaSoft CD DVD Label Maker offers templates that perfectly fit this type of cases.

4. Thickness x Width x Height

A dvd jewel case is usually a standard plastic case that holds one or more disks. It protects the disc against scratches, dust and other damage. It also provides space for the disk title and additional information. It is available in various colors and sizes.

The most popular packaging choice for DVDs is the jewel case. It has been around for a while and is a common sight on retail shelves. It is also used to package Blu-ray and HD DVD titles. It is durable and provides good visibility for the disks inside.

Another type of case is the digipack, which is a cardboard case that can be custom printed with the disc title and information. It uses a hub or spider mount for the disc. A clear tray is then inserted into the case. The hub or spider can be positioned on the left or right side of the cover, depending on the design. This is a good option for mail-shots as it reduces the weight of the package.

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